80s Men’s Fashion: Revisiting Retro Style 22 ideas

The 1980s were a time of bold style and even bolder choices, especially when it came to men’s fashion. It was an era when retro rock stars ruled the airwaves and neon colors lit up the streets. Are you ready to revisit the vintage aesthetic retro and discover what made the 1980s style rock?

A Vivid Statement in Vintage Casual

The first image takes us back to a sunny 1980s style summer day, where casual meets cool in a look that’s undeniably vintage. A man stands confidently, sporting a brightly colored shirt that screams party.

  • Retro Hawaiian Shirt: Bold, attention-grabbing, and a perfect choice for those looking to add a splash of the vintage aesthetic retro to their wardrobe.
  • DIY Denim Shorts: Cut-off and frayed for that easy, DIY charm, these shorts are the epitome of casual summer days.
  • Adidas Campus Sneakers: The timeless silhouette of Adidas Campus sneakers adds a touch of modern sensibility to the look.

This ensemble wouldn’t benefit from too much fuss—its simplicity is its strength. However, a pair of aviator sunglasses could further this outfit’s cool factor, while anything too formal would be out of place.80s Men's Fashion: Revisiting Retro Style 22 ideas

Channeling the Cool Kid of the Classroom

Here we encounter a quintessential casual and simple 1980s style that could easily walk out of a vintage gym class and onto the streets of today.

  • Baggy Sweatshirt: Loose and comfortable, it’s a nod to the aesthetic of casual comfort.
  • Pleated Trousers: Offering a formal edge to a casual outfit, they’re surprisingly versatile.
  • Adidas Superstar Sneakers: A staple of 1980s style, these iconic sneakers bridge the gap between retro and modern.

To enhance this style, consider a bright neon wristband for a pop of color. Steer clear of anything overly grunge—this look is about clean lines and a fresh face.80s Men's Fashion: Revisiting Retro Style 22 ideas

The Rock’n’Roll Rebel

Rock has always had a place in fashion, and this image is no exception. It captures a man in a rock-inspired look that perfectly embodies the 1980s style rock.

  • Leopard Print Jacket: A symbol of the rebellious spirit of rock, it’s vintage yet timeless.
  • Denim Jeans: They provide a simple, sturdy base for the outfit.
  • Converse Sneakers: A classic choice that echoes the retro rock vibe.

In terms of additions, a leather wrist cuff could enhance the rock feel. However, anything too neon or disco-like would clash with this ensemble’s grunge undertones.80s Men's Fashion: Revisiting Retro Style 22 ideas

The Preppy Maverick

This image harks back to a vintage style that’s all about sophistication with a twist—where formal meets fun.

  • Striped Tee: It’s a playful yet understated piece, reflecting a simple and casual approach.
  • Wide-Legged Trousers: They add a touch of formal structure to the laid-back tee.
  • Converse Sneakers: Keeping the outfit grounded in easy accessibility.

A pair of round-framed glasses might be a welcome addition, but a disco-style flashy belt would be overkill for this more subdued look.80s Men's Fashion: Revisiting Retro Style 22 ideas

The Quintessential Casual Look

Stepping straight out of an 80s time capsule, we have an outfit that defines the word casual in every sense. This is the modern man’s nod to a simple, yet aesthetic era of summer fashion.

  • Plain White Tee: A testament to the easy-going spirit of the 80s, serving both comfort and style.
  • Classic Blue Jeans: The relaxed fit is a throwback to the casual vintage days, yet they remain a modern staple.
  • White Sneakers: These are the iconic Converse, rounding off the look with a retro yet casual flair.

For the figure-conscious, this look is universally flattering. Practicality scores high, as it transitions seamlessly from a laid-back day to a rock concert at night. However, a formal event would call for a different dress code. I’d avoid adding anything too grunge or disco to this look; its charm lies in its simplicity.80s Men's Fashion: Revisiting Retro Style 22 ideas

The Sporty Edge

Now, here’s a style that would make any 80s kid nostalgic. It’s a vibrant blend of retro gym class hero and casual streetwear aficionado.

  • Sports Jersey: It’s not just any jersey; it’s a burst of color, aesthetic, and a throwback to vintage rock tees.
  • High-Waisted Jeans: They balance the jersey’s vibrancy with their stonewashed, simple vibe.
  • Colorful Sneakers: These shoes bring a dash of neon to the mix, reminiscent of 1980s style summer trends.

The outfit speaks to the easy and casual nature of the 80s, perfect for someone with an athletic build. While suitable for a casual outing, it’s not the pick for a formal setting. I’d resist the urge to throw in Adidas Superstars or Converse, as the current sneakers offer the right amount of neon fun.80s Men's Fashion: Revisiting Retro Style 22 ideas

The Refined Gentleman

Here’s a picture of elegance with a retro twist, showcasing how 1980s style could effortlessly be formal and casual at the same time.

  • White Button-Down: It’s crisp, simple, and formal, yet the rolled sleeves add a casual touch.
  • Pleated Trousers: The light blue color and the cropped cut make these trousers a vintage summer essential.
  • Loafers: A classic choice that never goes out of style, pairing well with both casual and formal looks.

This ensemble would suit a slim figure and is practical for both office settings and after-work drinks. To this, one might add a vintage watch to enhance the retro feel but avoid anything too rock or disco that could disrupt the formal balance.80s Men's Fashion: Revisiting Retro Style 22 ideas

The Laid-back Tracksuit

Embracing the casual comfort of the 80s, this image showcases the retro gym aesthetic, complete with a full tracksuit that brings vintage back to the present day.

  • Green Tracksuit: The rich color and stripe detailing channel the vintage sports vibe.
  • White Sneakers: Clean and simple, they are a modern take on a retro classic.
  • Accessories: The sunglasses add a touch of style, while the backpack hints at practicality and easy travel.

It’s an outfit that favors the athletically inclined, perfect for a casual day out or an easy gym session. While it’s tempting to add more retro elements like a neon headband, it’s best to keep it simple and not overdo the vintage theme.80s Men's Fashion: Revisiting Retro Style 22 ideas

The Sartorial Dapper

This look transports us to a time where style was effortless, and vintage was the new modern.

  • Blazer and Trousers: They reflect a formal, tailored 1980s style with a casual twist thanks to the loose fit.
  • Open Collared Shirt: It adds a simple yet sophisticated layer underneath the blazer.
  • Loafers and Accessories: The suede loafers and the patterned scarf are perfect nods to vintage flair.


This ensemble works wonders for the lean and tall silhouette and is quite practical for semi-formal events or a stylish day at the office. While the look is almost complete, a vintage watch or a pocket square could add an extra dash of aesthetic without overcomplicating the style.80s Men's Fashion: Revisiting Retro Style 22 ideas

The Prep School Prodigy

This ensemble is a textbook example of the casual yet formal preppy style that was all the rage among 80s youths. It’s a look that says “I’m here for a good time, but I’ve read all of Shakespeare too.”

  • V-neck Sweater: The dark color paired with the small, embroidered logo is subtle yet aesthetic.
  • Cream Trousers: They offer a relaxed fit, perfect for those easy summer days or a trip to the country club.
  • Sneakers: The slight hint of color on these Adidas Campus sneakers breaks the monochrome and adds a modern twist.

This outfit is a go-to for those with a leaner build, looking for something that’s simple yet sophisticated. It’s practical for both school and an impromptu party. Adding a watch could enhance the look, but steer clear of anything too grunge or rock; this look is all about clean, vintage charm.80s Men's Fashion: Revisiting Retro Style 22 ideas

The Leather-Clad Rockstar

Embrace the 1980s style rock with this image, which showcases the quintessential bad-boy look that was synonymous with the grunge and rock scenes of the time.

  • Leather Jacket: It’s the centerpiece of the outfit, radiating rebellious retro vibes.
  • Graphic Tee: Tucked into the jeans, it adds a personal touch that screams rock style.
  • Classic Denim: The straight-leg cut of these jeans is as timeless as it is casual.
  • Boots: Rugged and ready for anything, they ground the outfit with undeniable vintage authority.

This style is a match for those who embody the rock spirit and is especially flattering for mesomorph body types. The outfit is ideal for concerts or casual hangouts. A bandana might be a fitting addition for the truly bold, but adding anything neon or disco would disturb the grunge aesthetic.80s Men's Fashion: Revisiting Retro Style 22 ideas

The Relaxed Summer Knit

Channeling the vintage yet casual beachside vibe of the 1980s style summer, this look is all about easy breezy comfort with a touch of class.

  • Knit Polo: The white knit polo is a simple throwback to vintage casual wear.
  • Plaid Shorts: They add a splash of pattern without overpowering the outfit, perfect for a retro summer look.
  • Leather Sandals: They complete the casual feel and add a modern twist to the vintage ensemble.

The outfit is practical for a relaxed day out or a summer getaway and would fit most body types well. A straw hat might be the perfect accessory here, but avoid anything overly formal or neon that would detract from the outfit’s simple charm.80s Men's Fashion: Revisiting Retro Style 22 ideas

Muscle Tees and Denim Dreams

Here we see a sun-drenched, casual look that brings together vintage denim and the carefree spirit of summer in the 80s.

  • Sleeveless Band Tee: A nod to the era’s rock roots, perfect for the gym or a day at the beach.
  • High-Waisted Denim: These jeans are a simple yet stylish staple that can be dressed up or down.
  • White Sneakers: Clean and casual, they’re a versatile choice for any retro ensemble.

While the look is great for the muscular build and casual outings, it might be too laid-back for more formal occasions. Accessorize with a leather wristband to up the rock factor, but avoid over-layering to maintain the simple, easy-going aesthetic.80s Men's Fashion: Revisiting Retro Style 22 ideas

Timeless Stripes and Denim

The effortless blend of stripes and denim in this image is a page right out of the 1980s style playbook, radiating a casual yet aesthetic vibe that’s as simple as it is striking.

  • Striped T-Shirt: The horizontal stripes are a classic pattern that adds a playful touch to the retro aesthetic.
  • High-Waist Denim: A staple of 1980s style, the high-waist jeans offer a vintage touch to a modern look.
  • Canvas Sneakers: These Converse-like sneakers are the quintessential casual footwear, versatile and stylish.

This look works well for all body types, making it a simple, easy choice for anyone looking to dip their toes into 1980s style summer fashion. It’s practical for daily wear and laid-back summer gatherings. While the ensemble is quite complete, adding a vintage watch could lend more character, but steer clear of formal accessories that could overpower the casual essence of this outfit.80s Men's Fashion: Revisiting Retro Style 22 ideas

The Preppy Scholar

Capturing the scholarly spirit of the 1980s style, this outfit marries formal and casual elements with a vintage twist.

  • Wool Cardigan: The cardigan exudes a retro vintage charm while offering a simple and casual layer.
  • Collared Shirt and Tie: Adding a hint of formal prep to the look, it’s a nod to the academic aesthetic.
  • Pleated Trousers: The olive green trousers give a vintage feel with a modern cut.
  • Leather Sneakers: They close the look with a touch of casual comfort without compromising style.

Ideal for the slim and tall, this style is practical for semi-formal events or a smart casual day out. A vintage leather satchel could be a great addition for a touch of aesthetic, but avoid anything too bright or neon that might clash with the outfit’s subdued tones.80s Men's Fashion: Revisiting Retro Style 22 ideas

The Disco-Inspired Dandy

In this striking image, we see a throwback to the disco days of the 1980s style, where party wear was all about making a statement.

  • Color-Blocked Shirt: The shirt’s vibrant colors and bold design scream vintage aesthetic retro.
  • High-Waisted White Trousers: They bring an element of disco flair to the ensemble.
  • Gold-Toned Accessories: The belt and necklace add a luxurious touch, epitomizing the flashy 1980s style rock.

This outfit is perfect for the confident man, ideal for party scenarios or when you want to stand out. Practicality may be situational, but the style is undeniable. An addition of Adidas Superstar sneakers could offer a more grounded look, but avoid anything that might overshadow the shirt’s bold statement.80s Men's Fashion: Revisiting Retro Style 22 ideas

The Retro Workman

Here, we have a look that perfectly embodies the casual workwear turned style statement, a testament to the 1980s style versatility.

  • Utility Jumpsuit: The bright blue jumpsuit with red and white accents offers a playful yet casual workwear aesthetic.
  • Canvas Sneakers: White sneakers are an undeniable retro classic, keeping the outfit grounded in casual style.

This look would flatter those with an athletic build and is surprisingly practical for casual events or creative workspaces. Adding a bold vintage cap could elevate the retro vibe, but it’s best to avoid over-layering to maintain the jumpsuit’s clean lines.80s Men's Fashion: Revisiting Retro Style 22 ideas

The Understated Retro

This image brings us a simple, understated 1980s style with a whisper of vintage charm and a casual sensibility.

  • Striped Polo Shirt: The subtle stripes provide a simple yet effective retro touch.
  • Khaki Trousers: They offer a casual yet formal balance, versatile for multiple occasions.
  • Leather Accessories: The belt and bag in warm tones complement the earthy colors of the outfit.

Suited for almost any body type, this ensemble is as practical as it is stylish. A vintage watch could be the perfect accessory, while neon or overly rock elements would be out of place in this simple, classic look.80s Men's Fashion: Revisiting Retro Style 22 ideas

The Classic White Tee and Jeans

Here we capture a timeless 1980s style that has transcended decades: the iconic white t-shirt and jeans combination that evokes a sense of casual ease and simple charm.

  • Basic White Tee: The epitome of easy styling, it’s a modern wardrobe essential that still nods to the retro.
  • Distressed Jeans: They add character and a touch of grunge to the otherwise simple and clean look.
  • Plaid Shirt: Tied around the waist, it serves a dual purpose of style and practicality, embodying the vintage rock aesthetic.
  • Classic Sneakers: The worn-in white sneakers are a subtle homage to the Converse and Adidas Superstar era.

This look is flattering for every figure, highly practical for any casual setting, and ideal for those on the go. A pair of classic sunglasses could elevate the aesthetic, but adding too much bling or formal attire would tip the scales away from its simple, vintage appeal.80s Men's Fashion: Revisiting Retro Style 22 ideas

The Beige Suit: Revisiting Vintage Formality

Dripping with 1980s style, this ensemble is a beautiful blend of formal elegance and vintage sophistication.

  • Tailored Beige Suit: The suit, with its sharp tailoring, brings a formal vintage look back to the forefront of modern fashion.
  • Silk Shirt: Underneath, the light silk shirt adds a layer of refined luxury.
  • Leather Shoes: Polished to perfection, they complete the outfit with style and formality.

This outfit is ideal for those with a lean physique and is practical for formal events and upscale summer parties. A pair of aviator sunglasses might be the perfect addition, but steer clear of anything too casual or neon to maintain the sophistication.80s Men's Fashion: Revisiting Retro Style 22 ideas

The Pinstripe Statement

The man in this image is adorned in a pinstripe suit that harks back to the 1980s style rock scene, where style was bold and the statement louder.

  • Pinstripe Suit: The double-breasted jacket and wide-legged trousers make a powerful vintage aesthetic retro statement.
  • Relaxed Shirt: The open-collared shirt beneath keeps the look approachable and slightly casual.
  • Leather Loafers: They add a touch of formal elegance without being overly stuffy.

This look would suit a variety of figures and is practical for those moments when you need to be easy on the eyes yet formal. While the suit is a statement in itself, a pocket square could be a welcome addition, but avoid anything too disco or grunge that might clash with its vintage charm.80s Men's Fashion: Revisiting Retro Style 22 ideas

The Vibrant Retro Ensemble

Walking with confidence, this image showcases a vintage summer look that could easily turn heads at any party. It’s a perfect blend of bold prints and 1980s style, with a casual yet modern twist.

  • Printed Shirt: The shirt’s tropical print and vibrant colors are a throwback to the retro party scenes.
  • White High-Waisted Trousers: They add a formal touch to an otherwise casual outfit, reflecting a vintage aesthetic retro.
  • Leather Belt: A simple black belt cinches the waist, bringing balance and structure to the look.
  • Loafers: Classic black loafers provide a formal yet comfortable footing, complementing the modern flair.

This outfit is well-suited for those with a flair for drama and works well in a casual or party setting. Practicality may not be its forte for everyday wear, but for events that call for a bit of pizzazz, it’s spot-on. A minimalist watch could add a touch of elegance, but adding anything too neon or grunge would distract from the shirt’s lively pattern.80s Men's Fashion: Revisiting Retro Style 22 ideas

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80s Men's Fashion: Revisiting Retro Style 22 ideas

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