Old Money Summer 22 ideas for men’s clothing guide

Have you ever wondered what threads the well-heeled gentlemen of yesteryear donned to beat the heat in style? There’s an art to looking effortlessly polished, even under the scorching sun. In the realm of menswear, old money summer outfits stand out for their classic silhouettes, quality fabrics, and understated sophistication. But what exactly weaves together an ensemble that whispers refined luxury? Let’s embark on a sartorial journey through curated outfits that exemplify this aesthetic—where every stitch tells a story of tradition and class.

Timeless Riviera Elegance

For those with a penchant for classic Riviera flair, our first look encapsulates the serene sophistication of seaside summers. It’s a nod to the leisurely luxury that blends casual with a touch of formality, perfect for a men wedding on the coast or a jaunt on a yacht.

  • Shirt: The crisp, striped button-up shirt, left casually unbuttoned at the collar, breathes life into the ‘old money’ vibe with its clean lines and airy demeanor.
  • Pants: Paired with pristine white jeans, the ensemble strikes a balance between laid-back and dressed-up—a quintessential men outfit for an Italian summer.
  • Shoes: The choice of white sneakers is a modern twist, keeping the look grounded and casual, perfect for a stroll through Italy’s cobbled streets or a vacation day-out.

One could add a linen blazer for a hint of structured charm, but avoid anything too flashy—old money style whispers, it doesn’t shout.Old Money Summer 22 ideas for men's clothing guide

Urban Sophisticate

Transitioning to the urban jungle, this ensemble carries old money charm into the heart of the city. It’s the ultimate office outfit that wouldn’t look out of place at an art gallery opening or a chic café in midtown.

  • Shirt: A short-sleeved white shirt—unbuttoned to reveal a hint of a tan—exudes a confident air while respecting the modesty of men’s fashion.
  • Trousers: The olive trousers offer a rich, earthy contrast, suitable for men of mid size and adding a hint of ruggedness to the otherwise polished look.
  • Accessories: A simple leather belt and retro sunglasses are the only accessories needed, keeping the aesthetic sharp and focused.

An addition of a dark men’s wristwatch would enhance this look, but resist the urge to over-accessorize; the power lies in the outfit’s understated nature.Old Money Summer 22 ideas for men's clothing guide

Continental Charm

Imagine stepping out in an outfit that’s been touched by the timeless appeal of the European summer. Here, we encounter a look that captures the essence of ‘old money’ with a smart continental twist.

  • Polo Shirt: The subdued hues of the polo shirt suggest a refined taste, perfect for those who favor modest wear over bold statements.
  • Pants: The flow of the white pants complements every man’s figure, making it a versatile choice for summer 2024.
  • Footwear: While sandals would suit a more relaxed setting, the choice here leans towards loafers, which maintain an air of seriousness suitable for a summer office environment or a sophisticated vacation dinner.

In accessorizing, one might consider a thin silk scarf for a dash of flamboyance. However, any addition should be minimal to keep the outfit’s aesthetic man intact.Old Money Summer 22 ideas for men's clothing guide

Relaxed Yet Refined

This ensemble invites us to embrace a more relaxed version of the ‘old money’ style, perfect for a leisurely afternoon at a country club or a refined casual gathering.

  • Shirt: The striped shirt, worn untucked, channels a relaxed vibe without sacrificing an inch of style, suitable for a man with a curvy build or someone enjoying the mid size life.
  • Pants: White jeans here are the non-negotiable classic, offering a clean backdrop that allows the shirt to make its subtle statement.
  • Shoes: Opting for brown loafers over men’s sandals strikes a fine balance between comfort and formality.

To this, one might add a Panama hat for sun protection, but leave out the tie—the essence here is summer casual elegance.Old Money Summer 22 ideas for men's clothing guide

Casual Sophistication

As we segue into more men outfit variations, this get-up embodies a casual sophistication that holds its own from Mediterranean shores to urban landscapes.

  • T-Shirt: The fitted grey T-shirt offers a solid base—simple, unfussy, and always in style.
  • Trousers: Khaki trousers are a nod to both utility and style, a garment that has comfortably clothed men of all sizes for decades.
  • Accessories: Brown leather accessories, including a belt and loafers, round off the look with a nod to the classic, yet aesthetic man.

Adding a lightweight linen blazer would enhance this outfit’s versatility, while avoiding overly bold patterns ensures that the ‘old money’ subtlety remains front and center.Old Money Summer 22 ideas for men's clothing guide

La Dolce Vita

Perched against a backdrop that could easily be mistaken for a film set, this attire is an homage to the laid-back luxury that has long been associated with Italian summers.

  • Shirt: The patterned button-up evokes a retro feel, perfect for those seeking a men’s casual yet sophisticated style.
  • Pants: The choice of white pants keeps the look fresh and versatile, suitable for a variety of body types including those who appreciate men modest fashion.
  • Shoes: Leather sandals provide a relaxed finish, cementing the outfit’s status as a go-to for vacation lounging or a low-key wedding by the sea.

While a watch could be a fitting addition, one should avoid anything that could disturb the outfit’s nonchalant charm.Old Money Summer 22 ideas for men's clothing guide

Island Getaway

Stepping into the white-washed serenity of a sun-drenched alley, we encounter an ensemble that exudes old-world charm paired with modern minimalism.

  • Shirt: A breezy white linen shirt is quintessentially summer 2024, offering a cool reprieve for any man under the Mediterranean sun.
  • Pants: Linen pants mirror the shirt’s texture, ensuring the wearer is enveloped in comfort without compromising on style.
  • Shoes: Tan leather sandals bridge the gap between casual wear and stylish men’s beach attire.

Here, a silver wristwatch would be a fitting complement, while colored sunglasses might add an unnecessary distraction.Old Money Summer 22 ideas for men's clothing guide

Subtle Sophistication

Next, we delve into a look that whispers understated elegance, a perfect ensemble for those who appreciate the nuances of men’s modest fashion.

  • Polo Shirt: The soft, vertical stripes of the polo offer a slimming effect, ideal for a man’s summer wardrobe that values both form and function.
  • Pants: White jeans remain a steadfast choice, transcending sizes and shapes with their universal appeal.
  • Shoes: Staying true to the old money ethos, classic white sneakers keep the look grounded in tradition and comfort.

The addition of a tasteful leather belt would be welcome, but let’s steer clear of loud accessories that could upset the style’s gentle balance.Old Money Summer 22 ideas for men's clothing guide

Parisian Days

Embracing the Parisian flair for integrating relaxed attire with elements of chic, this outfit captures a day spent traipsing through the City of Light.

  • Shirt: An open green linen shirt is a nod to both comfort and the effortless style synonymous with men’s summer fashion.
  • Pants: The tailored white pants contrast nicely against the casual shirt, providing a smart balance.
  • Shoes: Eschewing the traditional men’s sandals, the ensemble is completed with olive-toned sneakers, perfect for an afternoon at a café or a casual stroll down the Seine.

A minimalist leather bracelet could add to the ensemble, but heavy jewelry would be at odds with the outfit’s breezy character.Old Money Summer 22 ideas for men's clothing guide

A Stormy Summer Evening

As thunderstorms grace the city skyline, the ensemble stands out as much as the baroque architecture in the background. It’s a juxtaposition of the casual and the exquisite, of tradition and comfort.

  • Shirt: The deep blue polo shirt is an epitome of casual wear that doesn’t compromise on elegance, perfect for a young man or a boy outfit seeking a blend of leisure and luxury.
  • Shorts: Paired with the polo is a pair of cream shorts, not just any jeans or men’s pants, but a choice that speaks of summer ease and mobility.
  • Shoes: Completing the outfit are pristine white sneakers, which add a modern touch to the overall timeless appeal.

This outfit would be out of place at a formal wedding, but it’s ideal for a vacation or a leisurely stroll through the bustling streets post-rainfall.Old Money Summer 22 ideas for men's clothing guide

Lakeside Leisure

Here we have a snapshot of relaxed finesse by the serene lakeside, an ideal setting for a gentle reminder of the past blending with the present.

  • Shirt: A striped, collared shirt with a discreetly placed pocket square is smart yet nonchalant, harmonizing with the laid-back surroundings.
  • Shorts: The white shorts are an effortless choice, providing a crisp contrast and an air of summer 2024.
  • Shoes: The casual elegance of the ensemble is rounded off with white sneakers, which strike the right note between comfort and style.

This look is not suited for the office, but it’s a quintessential part of any men’s outfit for a weekend escape.Old Money Summer 22 ideas for men's clothing guide

Beachside Nonchalance

Capturing the essence of coastal nonchalance, this image serves as a guide for those looking to achieve an ‘old money’ aesthetic without appearing overly contrived.

  • Shirt: The undone buttons of the navy shirt suggest a devil-may-care attitude, inviting a relaxed but sophisticated men’s wear style.
  • Pants: The linen trousers offer a textural contrast and are a testament to the comfort one seeks in clothes for men when the beach is their backyard.
  • Accessories: With bare feet and a hat in hand, the subject is ready for the sand, embodying the vacation spirit.

A linen blazer would be the only acceptable addition for an evening transition; however, anything more would detract from this effortless appeal.Old Money Summer 22 ideas for men's clothing guide

Sunlit Sophistication

Bathed in sunlight, this ensemble is an ode to understated elegance, suitable for the gentleman who knows that style is shown not through opulence but through a carefully curated simplicity.

  • Shirt: The light pink shirt, unbuttoned just enough, speaks of a warm summer’s day spent in leisure, but its crispness retains a formal edge.
  • Pants: The trousers, with a subtle stripe, add depth to the outfit, offering a soft, almost imperceptible pattern that aligns with modest men’s fashion.
  • Shoes: The leather sandals introduce a more relaxed tone, ideal for a walk along the coast or a visit to a local summer market.

While a wristwatch could complement the look, a tie or cufflinks would tip the balance too far from its effortlessly chic intention.Old Money Summer 22 ideas for men's clothing guide

Parisian Poise

In the heart of the City of Light, this outfit captures the effortless charm of old money elegance, perfect for those pensive moments along the Seine or a relaxed soiree on a friend’s yacht.

  • Shirt: The relaxed white button-down invites comfort without forgoing style, a true testament to a man who values both form and function in his clothes.
  • Shorts: Denim cut-offs add a contemporary edge to the classic white shirt, demonstrating how casual outfits can be both modest and modern.
  • Accessories: White crew socks and stylish sandals provide a playful yet modest twist to this boy outfit, while the leather crossbody bag adds a practical element for the urban explorer.

The key here is to maintain simplicity while showcasing quality—perhaps a linen blazer would be a nice touch for those cooler Parisian evenings, but avoid anything too flashy that could overwhelm the subtle sophistication of this ensemble.Old Money Summer 22 ideas for men's clothing guide

Nautical Twilight

As the sun dips below the horizon, this look stands as a perfect example of ‘old money’ style adapted for the modern man. Whether on the deck of a sailboat or enjoying an evening at a seaside tavern, this outfit speaks of understated luxury and comfort.

  • Shirt: A light green linen shirt, unbuttoned for a touch of relaxed allure, suggests a day spent soaking up the Mediterranean sun.
  • Shorts: Paired with off-white shorts, the ensemble achieves a casual but considered look, apt for a variety of summer occasions, from vacation lounging to a men wedding reception by the beach.
  • Shoes: The shoe choice stays classic and comfortable, with loafers that could easily transition from day to night activities.

While accessories should be kept to a minimum, a tasteful watch or a simple silver bracelet could add just enough interest without detracting from the outfit’s innate elegance.Old Money Summer 22 ideas for men's clothing guide

Beachfront Leisure

Strolling down a beachside boardwalk, this ensemble radiates a serene poise that’s synonymous with old money relaxation.

  • Shirt: A neutral-toned, lightweight linen shirt offers both comfort and a nod to upscale ease, particularly suitable for the men who prefer an aesthetic man appeal.
  • Pants: The pairing of white pants keeps the look light and breezy, a perfect choice for a sun-kissed vacation or coastal casual gathering.
  • Sandals: Leather sandals add a touch of modest charm, grounding the outfit with an air of laid-back luxury.

A classic straw hat could be a stylish yet functional addition for sun protection, while a leather wristband would maintain the outfit’s masculine edge without overdoing it.Old Money Summer 22 ideas for men's clothing guide

Countryside Chic

In the backdrop of nature’s own green canvas, this look encapsulates the casual sophistication of the ‘old money’ aesthetic.

  • Shirt: A subtly striped, breezy linen shirt embodies the casual side of luxury, perfect for those who prefer clothes that speak to both men’s comfort and style.
  • Shorts: Olive-green shorts break up the texture and add an earthy contrast, ideal for outfits casual yet considered.
  • Sandals: Simple leather sandals keep the look grounded and carefree, complementing a laid-back, rural vacation vibe.

Accessorizing with a vintage-inspired watch could lend an air of heritage, whereas sunglasses would not only be practical but also add a touch of old money mystique.Old Money Summer 22 ideas for men's clothing guide

Urbane Elegance

Here we have an outfit that transitions seamlessly from the picturesque streets of Italy to any cosmopolitan environment with its refined, ‘old money’ poise.

  • Shirt: The deep-hued linen shirt, slightly undone, gives off a relaxed yet discerning vibe, suitable for a man who enjoys the fusion of mid size luxury and comfort.
  • Pants: The choice of light, breathable white pants offers a crisp counterpoint, perfect for navigating the warmth of summer 2024.
  • Footwear: Sleek brown loafers provide an elegant finish, making this ensemble fitting for both an office setting or a sophisticated stroll through Italy.

A pair of classic aviator sunglasses could serve as the perfect finishing touch, offering both form and function to this polished look.Old Money Summer 22 ideas for men's clothing guide

Seaside Serenity

Captured in a moment of seaside tranquility, this outfit is a perfect representation of ‘old money’ summer style, marrying casual comfort with a touch of elegance.

  • Shirt: A striped t-shirt in warm tones complements the laid-back vacation mood while keeping the look casual and approachable for men of all sizes.
  • Shorts: Paired with neutral-colored shorts, the outfit stays light and versatile, ready for a beach day or a casual outing.
  • Sandals: The black sandals are understated yet practical, echoing the men’s modest wear ethos with a stylish twist.

A woven belt could add a textured element to the ensemble, but it’s important to keep accessories minimal to maintain the aesthetic man’s clean look.Old Money Summer 22 ideas for men's clothing guide

Metropolitan Sunshine

This outfit stands out against the urban landscape, reflecting a sophisticated ‘old money’ vibe that’s perfect for a sunny day in the city.

  • Shirt: A sleeveless grey tee pairs well for men who mix classic men outfit styles with modern, body-positive inspo.
  • Shorts: Tailored beige shorts are the quintessential choice for a smart casual summer look, maintaining both comfort and modest fashion.
  • Footwear: The black sandals add a relaxed yet stylish component, ideal for a day out in the metropolis or a leisurely vacation walk by the river.

A minimalist steel bracelet or a smartwatch would complement this urban ensemble, enhancing the men outfit’s sleek, contemporary edge.Old Money Summer 22 ideas for men's clothing guide

Harborside Nonchalance

Leaning against a sun-bleached wall with the harbor as a backdrop, this outfit is a masterclass in relaxed sophistication, characteristic of the old money aesthetic.

  • Shirt: A breezy, white linen shirt, unbuttoned for a laid-back touch, suggests a deliberate nonchalance, ideal for any men seeking comfort without compromising on style.
  • Pants: The contrast of deep navy jeans anchors the look in timeless tradition, a versatile piece for men’s casual attire or a spontaneous seaside vacation.
  • Footwear: Classic white sneakers reflect a casual, yet calculated approach to footwear, keeping the outfit grounded yet ready for any sophisticated outing.

This look could be accessorized with a simple silver chain around the neck, but avoid anything too ostentatious to keep in line with the old money mantra of understated elegance.Old Money Summer 22 ideas for men's clothing guide

Aegean Blue

Standing against the breathtaking vista of the Aegean, this ensemble captures the essence of a sun-drenched luxury that has long been the hallmark of ‘old money’ summers.

  • Shirt: The striking blue of the short-sleeved shirt adds a vibrant pop of color, reminiscent of the crystal-clear waters of the Greek isles, a perfect men outfit for summer 2024.
  • Pants: Paired with classic white pants, the look maintains a crisp and fresh aesthetic, making it appropriate for a variety of summer occasions, from a casual office environment to a chic wedding by the sea.
  • Footwear: White flip-flops are the quintessential sandals for an effortless transition from a luxurious villa to the soft sands of a private beach.

The addition of a pair of designer sunglasses would not only serve a practical purpose but also complete the outfit with a touch of polished finesse.Old Money Summer 22 ideas for men's clothing guide

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Old Money Summer 22 ideas for men's clothing guide

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