Men’s swim trunks: Chic styles for beach and surf 22 ideas

Have you ever considered how the perfect pair of swim trunks can elevate your beach day from ordinary to unforgettable? Whether you’re lounging on the sands or diving into the waves, the right swimwear isn’t just about fashion—it’s a fusion of form, function, and style. Today, let’s explore the myriad of men’s swimwear options that can define your beachside aesthetic, fit your form, and suit any sunny escapade.

Electric Azure: A Study in Blue

In the realm of beach wear for men, the color blue reigns supreme, echoing the hues of the ocean. This image showcases a model in striking blue shorts, the simplicity of the design speaking volumes about understated beach outfit men swimwear. With a comfortable mid-thigh cut, these shorts promise freedom of movement without compromising on style.

  • Aesthetic: Clean lines, no-fuss design.
  • Fabric: Appears to be quick-drying, lightweight material.
  • Fit: Tailored to be snug yet comfortable, possibly with a compression liner.

As a stylist, I’d suggest a breezy linen shirt to complement these trunks. Avoid anything too elaborate; let the blue shorts be the centrepiece of your outfit.Men's swim trunks: Chic styles for beach and surf 22 ideas

The Sunlit Earthy Tone

Here’s a pair of swim trunks that bridge the gap between relaxed and refined. These beach shorts in a warm earth tone are an ode to the laid-back surfer vibe. They’re the epitome of outfits men beach, suitable for a range of skin tones, and offer a canvas for versatile styling.

  • Texture: The material has a robust feel, hinting at durability.
  • Length: Just right for those who prefer short but not too revealing trunks.
  • Accessories: The straw hat adds a playful, functional element.

To this look, add polarized sunglasses for flair and eye protection. Steer clear of over-accessorizing; this is a look that thrives on simplicity.Men's swim trunks: Chic styles for beach and surf 22 ideas

Contrasting Cool

This image strikes a chord with its bold use of color block—demonstrating how men swimwear can be both fun and fashionable. The dark navy paired with a light aqua presents a striking contrast, perfect for the man who wants to make a statement.

  • Color: An excellent example of using contrast in mens boardshorts.
  • Style: Sporty, with a nod to contemporary fashion aesthetics.
  • Details: The drawstring ensures a customizable fit, while the length is perfect for activities.

A fitted white tank top would enhance this beach outfit men swimwear. I’d advise against anything too baggy to maintain the sleek silhouette.Men's swim trunks: Chic styles for beach and surf 22 ideas

Graphic Charm

These swim trunks with a quirky crocodile print will suit those with a sense of humour. They fall under the category of cute yet casual beachwear for men who are not afraid to play with patterns.

  • Pattern: The crocodile print is bold but not overdone.
  • Comfort: The fit suggests ease of wear, ideal for an all-day beach outfit.
  • Tone: The dark backdrop allows the print to pop without overwhelming.

This pair begs for a plain, fitted men boxer briefs style top. Skip the patterns here; let the shorts have their moment.Men's swim trunks: Chic styles for beach and surf 22 ideas

Tropical Hues

Nothing says beach-ready like a burst of color. These coral mens short encapsulate the vibrant spirit of summer and are a fresh departure from the usual men’s swimwear palette.

  • Shade: The coral is a perfect match for sun-kissed skin.
  • Design: Simple, no-frills cut that’s on-trend.
  • Texture: The fabric looks light and breathable, quintessential for men bathing suit guys.

Pair these with a light, open-front shirt in a neutral shade to balance the vibrancy. It’s best to avoid loud accessories—let the shorts shine on their own.Men's swim trunks: Chic styles for beach and surf 22 ideas

Aqua Refreshment

The photograph captures the essence of calm seas with the model donning aqua-colored beach shorts. These men’s swim trunks sit comfortably above the knee, perfect for the man who wants both style and substance in his beach outfit men swimwear.

  • Color: The tranquil turquoise, reminiscent of tropical waters.
  • Fit: Ideal for athletic builds, enhancing a toned physique.
  • Style: Effortless and aesthetic, with a focus on comfort and ease of movement.

Adding a lightweight, breathable men’s rash guard would offer sun protection without overshadowing the shorts’ allure. A bulky item would clash with this streamlined look, so it’s best avoided.Men's swim trunks: Chic styles for beach and surf 22 ideas

Striped Serenity

In this image, striped men’s boardshorts in pastel tones offer a nautical nod to seaside tradition. The shorts, casual yet crisp, could easily transition from beach to a casual dining setting.

  • Design: Vertical stripes creating a slimming effect.
  • Material: Quick-drying fabric, ensuring all-day comfort.
  • Detail: A back pocket adds practicality without sacrificing style.

Pair these with a soft, plain white tee to maintain the outfit’s easygoing vibe. Heavily branded or loud designs would detract from these clean-lined shorts.Men's swim trunks: Chic styles for beach and surf 22 ideas

White Waves

Exuding minimalist chic, these white boardshorts contrast sharply against the model’s tanned skin. They’re a testament to the power of simplicity in men’s beachwear.

  • Color: Pure white making a bold statement.
  • Cut: Long enough for a conservative look, yet short enough to be modern.
  • Branding: Subtle, suggesting a luxury men’s beachwear brand.

To this, I’d add a splash of color with a fitted blue or pink tank top, but caution against any more whites, as it would wash out the visual impact.Men's swim trunks: Chic styles for beach and surf 22 ideas

Vivid Adventure

This image presents shorts that aren’t afraid to stand out. The vivid orange is a bold choice, evoking the spirit of adventure and fits perfectly into the beach shorts for men category.

  • Color: A confident, adventurous orange.
  • Style: Long and loose for a relaxed fit.
  • Function: Side pockets for practicality.

For a coordinated look, I’d select a dark, neutral tank top, avoiding anything overly baggy or bright that could compete with the shorts’ strong color.Men's swim trunks: Chic styles for beach and surf 22 ideas

Flamingo Fancy

These shorts burst with personality, thanks to the playful flamingo print. The short cut is a trend-forward choice, making a statement in men’s swimwear fashion.

  • Print: Charming and whimsical without being garish.
  • Fit: Snug and flattering, especially on a leaner frame.
  • Palette: The blue base with pink flamingos offers a pleasant color balance.

This pair calls for simple, understated accessories—think a silver watch or a pair of classic aviators. A busy patterned shirt would clash, so it’s a no-go.Men's swim trunks: Chic styles for beach and surf 22 ideas

Sophisticated Simplicity

The image sets a benchmark for men’s swimwear with its focus on simplicity. The swim trunks strike a balance between elegance and informality, making them suitable for various beach wear for men occasions.

  • Color: Classic black—a universal choice.
  • Fit: Perfect for the athletic type, with a mid-thigh cut that flatters the legs.
  • Style: Understated yet sophisticated, it pairs easily with any beach accessory.

To elevate this look, consider a crisp white linen shirt—it’s a fail-safe combination. Bulky or loud patterned shirts would be a misstep with these refined trunks.Men's swim trunks: Chic styles for beach and surf 22 ideas

Horizon Lines

Featuring a gradient of sunset hues, these trunks reflect the sky’s transformation at dusk. They could easily be the focal point of an outfit men beach ensemble.

  • Pattern: Gradient stripes that draw the eye.
  • Length: Knee-length for those who prefer more coverage.
  • Accents: A discreet branded waistband adds a touch of designer appeal.

Complement these trunks with a simple black or white tank top. It’s important not to introduce more patterns that would clash with the gradient stripes.Men's swim trunks: Chic styles for beach and surf 22 ideas

Nautical Stripes

This pair of boardshorts offers a fresh take on the classic nautical theme. The men’s swimwear choice here is impeccable for its universal appeal and timeless design.

  • Design: Stripes that never go out of style.
  • Cut: Just the right length for practicality and style.
  • Detail: The drawstring waist ensures a secure fit.

These trunks would pair well with a solid, fitted tee or even a breezy button-up. A different pattern would compete with the stripes, so it’s better to avoid it.Men's swim trunks: Chic styles for beach and surf 22 ideas

Tropical Sunburst

Drenched in tropical flair, these shorts are all about embracing the beach spirit. The sunflower and palm print is a bold choice for men’s swimwear.

  • Pattern: Distinctive and full of character.
  • Length: Short enough for sunbathing, long enough for casual wear.
  • Palette: Earthy tones that complement the beach backdrop.

I’d recommend a plain, neutral-hued vest to balance the busy pattern. Anything too bright or detailed would overwhelm the outfit.Men's swim trunks: Chic styles for beach and surf 22 ideas

Aquamarine Dream

A cool aquamarine hue gives these trunks a dreamy quality. They’re a standout addition to the beach outfit men swimwear selection for any summer wardrobe.

  • Color: Refreshing blue that mirrors the sea.
  • Fit: A comfortable cut for all-day wear.
  • Accent: White piping adds a crisp edge.

A sheer white shirt left open would pair well for a stylish beach look. Avoid any additional bold colors or patterns that would take away from these eye-catching trunks.Men's swim trunks: Chic styles for beach and surf 22 ideas

Classic Maritime

The image showcases swim trunks that perfectly encapsulate a maritime spirit. The navy blue and white stripes are a classic, hinting at a timeless men’s swimwear trend that remains unfazed by the changing tides of fashion.

  • Theme: A quintessential nautical pattern that’s always in vogue.
  • Length: Cut above the knee, ideal for both comfort and style.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various body types and water activities.

To enhance this maritime ensemble, a light white tee or tank would be ideal. Avoid mixing with other patterns to maintain the nautical coherence.Men's swim trunks: Chic styles for beach and surf 22 ideas

Floral Sunset

Capturing the essence of playful summer vibes, these shorts with their vibrant floral print can instantly lift the mood. The design resonates with a carefree beach day and embodies the light-hearted essence of Chubbies shorts.

  • Pattern: Bright florals set against a soft backdrop.
  • Fit: Not too tight, not too loose, just the right fit for beach frolics.
  • Attitude: Embodies a cheerful, cute, and fun-loving beach-goer spirit.

For these statement trunks, stick to minimal accessories—a simple watch or a pair of classic shades. Steer clear of competing prints to keep the focus on the shorts.Men's swim trunks: Chic styles for beach and surf 22 ideas

Calm Horizon

This image depicts trunks that balance muted tones with a bold coral bottom, mirroring the serene yet spirited essence of the ocean’s horizon at dawn or dusk.

  • Color Blocking: A thoughtful combination of calm grey and energetic coral.
  • Texture: The material suggests quick drying and high durability.
  • Style: These shorts offer a modern twist to the classic men’s boardshorts.

Pair with a sleek, solid-colored rash guard for a day of surfing or a casual tank for lounging. Avoid overly intricate or loud tops to keep the look grounded and stylish.Men's swim trunks: Chic styles for beach and surf 22 ideas

Tropical Chic

Immersed in tropical elegance, these swim trunks with a bold leaf print deliver an immediate transportive effect to exotic island getaways.

  • Print: Large leaves in a warm, inviting palette.
  • Fit: Tailored to accentuate a lean physique without constricting movement.
  • Aura: Exudes a confident yet relaxed island charm.

To complement these trunks, opt for a crisp white linen shirt, unbuttoned for a laid-back yet sophisticated look. Sidestep any additional prints to allow these shorts to stand as the statement piece.Men's swim trunks: Chic styles for beach and surf 22 ideas

Colorblock Casual

These trunks present a relaxed color block design that’s effortlessly cool and perfect for any casual beachside outing.

  • Design: The color block is subtle yet impactful.
  • Comfort: Designed for all-day wear, from beach to barbecue.
  • Suitability: Flattering for most body types, a safe choice for any beach outfit men swimwear.

To keep up with the casual theme, a plain tee or a lightweight beach shirt would make for a complementary pairing. A tip: stay away from heavy accessories to keep the outfit breezy and beach-ready.Men's swim trunks: Chic styles for beach and surf 22 ideas

Wave Rider

Stepping onto the deck in a pair of trunks that are as much a statement as they are swimwear, these blue and white patterned shorts are a nod to the artful dance of waves. The vibrant blue swirls on a crisp white background make for a pair of trunks that wouldn’t be out of place on a surfer or a yacht enthusiast alike.

  • Pattern: Swirling blue patterns reminiscent of the ocean’s surface.
  • Length: The above-knee cut offers a modern silhouette, ideal for mobility.
  • Comfort: Ample room for movement, suggesting a relaxed day at sea.

Pair these with a simple white shirt for an effortlessly chic maritime look. Avoid overpowering the strong pattern with additional prints.Men's swim trunks: Chic styles for beach and surf 22 ideas

Surf’s Up

With a surfboard in hand and trunks boasting a bright, eye-catching pattern, this look screams beach-ready. The trunks feature a harmonious blend of cool blues and warm coral, embodying the perfect balance between the sky’s vastness and the sun’s warm embrace.

  • Pattern: Horizontal stripes in a refreshing palette.
  • Functionality: Secure fit for active beachgoers, evident in the snug waistband.
  • Vibe: Casual cool with a dash of playfulness.

The pattern is striking enough to stand on its own, so pair with a plain, fitted vest or rash guard. Keep it simple to let the shorts shine.Men's swim trunks: Chic styles for beach and surf 22 ideas

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Men's swim trunks: Chic styles for beach and surf 22 ideas

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